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Why MeasureForward?

We’ve been customers: for many years, we’ve helped organizations assess the value of various vendors. We’ve been paid to be skeptics and to pressure test vendors’ promises to health plans, start-ups and employers.


We’ve been builders: from the inside out, we’ve built organizations that efficiently design and deliver high value performance analytics to internal stakeholders and to the market.


We’ve been (good) consultants: we collaborate in a way that allows for knowledge transfer rather than long-term dependency. And we have a track-record of doing it right.

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What we do.

MeasureForward Partners is a consulting practice hyper-focused on helping healthcare companies strategically develop or evolve the proof points the market expects. From there, we help companies build, scale or retool an organization that is able to execute and deliver on the analytics and performance stories required for sales, ongoing client retention and market-sensitive product improvement. 

Who we are.

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MeasureForward Partners is anchored by Tamra Lair who has spent her entire career helping self-insured employers choose and manage an analytics infrastructure plus assess performance in support of health benefits purchasing decisions and improvement. And health plans and pharmaceutical companies in their efforts to build strategies, monitor progress and grow their business with compelling proof points. Tamra has worked in large organizations including the federal Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality and UnitedHealth Group as well as several start-ups, most recently as the Chief Analytics Officer of Bind (now Surest). There, she built a team responsible for performance measurement across the organization as well as client / prospect reporting. In part as a result of the proof points developed by her team, Bind grew membership 8X and has since fully transitioned ownership to UnitedHealth Group. Tamra is also an Advisor to Black Opal Ventures and the Employer Health Innovation Roundtable (EHIR).

For employers, MeasureForward Partners provides unique and independent consulting on healthcare analytics and ways in which employers can optimize their current solutions or evaluate new solutions. We've assessed vendors in this space for over 20 years and have conducted 100s of RFPs with deep technical expertise.

MeasureForward Partners also draws from an extensive resource pool of subject matter experts including:

  • Clinical (medical and pharmacy)

  • Health management

  • Digital point solutions

  • Data architecture and engineering

  • Actuarial science

Tamra Lair


We're always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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